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 vouch me plz

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PostSubject: vouch me plz   vouch me plz I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 21, 2009 9:13 pm

• DotA history. When did you start? How did you start? Where have you played so far?arxisa prin 5 xronia.enas filos m m edeikse gia prwti fora.grc,eglobal clan,gdb
• Clan history. (if not covered in profile)clan gr
• Gameplay info. Heroes you hate/love?stin dota oloi oi hrwes metrane to idio arkei na ksereis na paizeis
• Motivation to play. What do you consider a game good aka GG?an einai mia enwmenh omada tote mporei na ginei poly wraio paixnidi.
• How skilled you consider yourself. High/Average?high meta apo 5 xronia empeirias kai 2 tournoua
• What you expect from CdC. How did you hear of CdC?gnwrisa ena paidi p mphke k mou eipe oti einai kali clan kai statheri kai elpizw ontws na einai
• Connection - Ability to host? Is it stable enough? Do you drop out of games often?mporw na hostarw,nai einai stable,poly spania.
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ChannelForum Admin
ChannelForum Admin

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PostSubject: Re: vouch me plz   vouch me plz I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 22, 2009 9:17 pm

•Vouch request passed.

•LvL 1 part ended

•LvL 2 part started

•Test game inhouse at 22-25/12/09.

P.S. To Post tou m0uz.skillfull diegrafh dioti to atomo egine demote.. Ean sunexisei na grafei peri test games 8a faei ban..
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vouch me plz
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