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 DotaKeys [Test it its fantastic]

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DotaKeys  [Test it its fantastic] Empty
PostSubject: DotaKeys [Test it its fantastic]   DotaKeys  [Test it its fantastic] I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 11, 2009 4:42 pm

It's simple to use but need some rigor :
1)Launch DotaKeys
2)Launch a game
3)Press F8 (Default) to activate DotaKeys
4)Signal which hero you have to DotaKey :

Method 1 (manual):
Press F7 (Default) then on your normal spells shortcut.
(I.E F7->e->r->c->p)
Then the shortcut you've just typed are immediately replaced by the one you've set in the Editor.

Method 2 (Hero Code):
You only need to press : Entrer then /<Your Hero Code> (or \ or +)
Where <Your hero code> is the 4 first letter of your hero name :
I.E Techiees :
His name is "Squee Spleen and Spoon"
So you have to type : /sque (or \sque or +sque).

-Remap any action on any key
-Multi-language support
-Many options and possibility
-Auto-update system
-Can bind quick message on a key (-di / -water red /...)
-Can save/load configuration files

-"Hero Code" doesn't work for me.
-Macro not available for the beta
-Could crash if you activate/deactivate it quickly and too many times
(But reload is easy and fast)

Edit : When you type "Enter/Return" to write something, the key mapping is disabled allowing you to type properly.
It could happen that it's turned On when you are typing and then you press enter to play and it turn Off :
The solution is simply to press "Escape", It would fix it.

You can download it "Here"
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DotaKeys [Test it its fantastic]
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