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 How to make a successful Vouch request. ReadMe First

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How to make a successful Vouch request. ReadMe First Empty
PostSubject: How to make a successful Vouch request. ReadMe First   How to make a successful Vouch request. ReadMe First I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 07, 2009 7:24 pm

Dear vouchees, to increase your chances of getting vouched and to help especially those people who
are not good at writing applications we've come up with this guide. Please, read it carefully before writing in your
vouch request because chances are you've missed something important.

Your way into CdC can be divided into 3 major steps:
Step 1
Preparation for the Vouch Request

This step is important because if you don't make a good impression you will be denied and won't have a chance to show your skills
and manners AT ALL! We'd recommend that you take some time before writing the VR and make sure you think through your request
carefully. Also you should know that any information in your profile is extremely valuable to us. This means the more you type in
about yourself the better the chances for you to get vouched and if you don't enter anything at all you will most probably get denied,
even if your request was good enough. And fill out all the information for your profile.

Step 2
Writing your Vouch Request!

This step is important because it's basically when we decide who's worthy and who is not. If your request gets denied you won't even
have the chance to prove us what a good DoTA player you are! So lets make sure it doesn't get denied!

This step requires you to use your creativity so there are no gaps to fill in. However, I will give you some hints on what we consider
important. Everything should be written as structured text and direct answers to these hints/questions will get you denied. Especially
don't copy-paste them into your vouchrequest!!!

Personal info and background. Hobbies. Interests. The more you say about yourself the better.

• DotA history. When did you start? How did you start? Where have you played so far?
• Clan history. (if not covered in profile)
• Gameplay info. Heroes you hate/love?
• Motivation to play. What do you consider a game good aka GG?
• How skilled you consider yourself. High/Average?
• What you expect from CdC. How did you hear of CdC?
• Connection - Ability to host? Is it stable enough? Do you drop out of games often?

Providing info about these points should be more then enough to get you vouched. It is not obligatory to write about everything, missing
few things wont be a problem if everything else is fine. However, covering as much as possible should be your priority. Now, provided
you got vouched we move onto step 3, or...

Step 3
Playing Test-Games & Earning Vouch Points

Perhaps this is the most important step because DotA is a game and good playing is valued high. Since you've come to CdC and already
passed the first 2 steps you should already know what is good/bad when playing. But since we, in CdC, value some things more then other
leagues do we will help you by summarizing that.

Above everything we value good manners!!!

It doesn't matter how GOSU you are, if you are disrespectful to other people let alone flame them you will get denied. Period. Manners also
include not making annoying comments if someone did bad, not provoking people into flame OR allowing yourself to be provoked, hurting
the teamspirit by spamming FF all the time and countless similar scenarios. So stay calm, stay mannered and enjoy the game!

The second more important thing is teamplay. To be successful in a game you need to have good teamplay, if you don't want to rely on other people
go play in single player against bots. This includes buying wards/chicken, saving teammates from enemy heroes chasing them and sometimes
even sacrificing yourself to save them (especially if you are support and they carry), making team-useful items like guinso/eul/meka etc. etc.

And just after that come into importance you skills. These, as you should already know, include:

• Last hit/deny
• Lane control & harassing enemy heroes
• Ganking skills
• Knowledge of proper itembuilds
• Good skills with as many heroes as possible
• Good communication with your team mate

One last things to clear things up and it regards testgames. In testgames we value your skill and manners and we reward vouchpoints regardless
of whether you won or lost (well logically if you played good you should win, but this doesn't necessary mean the other team played bad.
That's why it is very important to stay cool all the time and do your best. Also remember that a testgame is just a normal game with other people
that have the same goal like you + some people that watch your performance. If you do a mistake - it's OK, we are all humans, remember? Same
goes if your ally does a mistake, he wants to get safelisted just like you so he didn't do it intentionally and will do his best not to repeat it, as should

In conclusion I'd like to say that if you've followed these steps and did OK we'd like to meet you into channel CdC for some good gaming. Welcome aboard!

Best Regards
Combat Admin Team
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How to make a successful Vouch request. ReadMe First
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